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Meet the team behind VCCS

Veterans Claims Consulting Services (VCCS) assist Veterans through the VA disability claims process by providing an extensive review of service treatment records, personnel records, and private medical evidence to help build a claim prior to submittal to the VA.  The road to service connection can be streamlined with the expertise of one of our consultants that can identify disabilities related to active-duty service that can result in compensation.


VCCS was founded by Marquita Hill. Marquita is an Army Veteran and retiree from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Ms. Hill served as a Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR), making decisions on hundreds of claims.  She is an expert on the 38 Code of Federal regulations (CFR), as well as the many intricacies of the claims process that the novice may not beware of or understand. 



At VCCS we recognize there is a need to provide Veterans a better alternative for preparing their VA disability claims. Our goal is to help connect Veterans to entitled compensation benefits to improve their quality of life and assist with medical and living cost.


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